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Active Fieldsites
    Indoor Experimental Facilities
    Lunzer Rinnen - Experimental Flumes
    Soil Runoff Samplers (SRS)
    Traisen River Monitoring
Long Term Monitoring Sites
    Lunzer See - Lake Lunz
    Oberer Seebach Site (OSB)
Past Fieldsites
    Gravel Bar - Geomophologic Hot Spot
    Ybbs River Stream Network (YRN)

Traisen River Monitoring - quantifying the effects of a human extreme event on the Traisen River

Within the TRAISEN-FREQUENCY Project, we have established two main sampling sites along the Traisen River at St. Pölten. One site is located just above the festival-area, whereas the second site is located below. Comparisons of the two sites will then allow to evaluate the effects of the Festival on water Quality and stream ecosystem functioning in the Traisen River.

Both sites are or will shortly be equipped with automated oxygen sensors and an S:::can Spectrolyser probes. The sites are battery powered.