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Active Fieldsites
    Indoor Experimental Facilities
    Lunzer Rinnen - Experimental Flumes
    Soil Runoff Samplers (SRS)
Long Term Monitoring Sites
    Lunzer See - Lake Lunz
    Oberer Seebach Site (OSB)
Past Fieldsites
    Gravel Bar - Geomophologic Hot Spot
    Traisen River Monitoring
    Ybbs River Stream Network (YRN)

Lunzer:::Rinnen - Experimental Flumes

The setting of the Lunzer:::Rinnen experimental flumes were established by Tom Battin in the mid 2000s and consists of six streamside flumes (40 m long, 0.4 m wide) that are continuously fed with raw streamwater from the Oberer Seebach. Basic hydraulic and sedimentary parameters can be adjusted to the experimental needs; inorganic nutrients and DOM can be added to the flumes.

In the past, the Lunzer:::Rinnen were successfully used by the former Battin Lab to study biofilm development and succession and DOM uptake dynamics, resulting in a number of peer-reviewed publications.

Recent activity included a drought simulation experiment performed by the Stream Biogeochemistry Lab in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, Spain, namely Astrid Harjung, Andrea Butturini and Francesc Sabater (Harjung et al., 2018). Further, we are currently (2018-06) performing an experiment within the HYDRO-DIVERSITY project on the effects of Biofilm succession on the establishment of microbes in biofilms.  

The Lunzer:::Rinnen are a part of the European AQUACOSM Project ( Within this project there is the opportunity to perform experiments at our facilities. If you are interested in doing so, please see: The current call will be open until October 2018. Applications from outside of the EU are possible - however, there should be at least some Europeans involved.


Interested in more details: Download our Lunzer-Rinnen Factsheet as a .pdf file.



The Lunzer:::Rinnen experimental Flumes near the Obere Seebach Site.


Representative Publications:

Harjung, A., E. Ejarque, T. Battin, A. Butturini, F. Sabater, M. Stadler, and J. Schelker. Experimental evidence reveals impact of drought periods on dissolved organic matter quality and ecosystem metabolism in subalpine streams. Limnology and Oceanography accepted for publication (2018-06).