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Kyle Boodoo


Research Interest

My main research interest is the development and application of ecohydrological concepts on the micro- to landscape scale. I am particularly interested in the application of interdisciplinary research techniques which utilize a unique combination of hydrology, ecology and biogeochemistry to determine the interaction among the physical (discharge, temperature, stream morphology), chemical (organic matter composition, dissolved oxygen/carbon dioxide), and biotic (micro-organisms, macroflora and fauna) components of stream ecosystems. I additionally have a keen interest and strong background in water resources management, in particular environmental flow assessment and the impact of anthropogenic changes to instream ecosystem structure and function.

My current research is focused on the elucidating the effects of changing discharge and temperature regimes on the hydrogeomorphological and temperature characteristics within the hyporheic zone of a coldwater alpine stream, the Oberer Seebach (See field sites – Gravel Bar). The main objectives of the study are to i) identify biogeochemical hotspots ; iii) quantify and qualify the impacts of changing instream conditions on hyporheic zone; iii) Elucidate the possible impacts on the stream scale Carbon cycle and metabolism.



Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR) at the University of Vienna.


Published articles:

Boodoo, K. S., McClain, M., Vélez Upegui, J. J., & Ocampo López, O. L. (2014). Impacts of implementation of Colombian environmental flow methodologies on the flow regime and hydropower production of the Chinchiná River, Colombia. Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology.


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