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    Lunzer Rinnen - Experimental Flumes
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    Gravel Bar - Geomophologic Hot Spot
    Ybbs River Stream Network (YRN)

Gravel Bar - Geomorphologic Hot Spot


Recent research on the Oberer Seebach (OSB) Site is also investigating the importance of hydrodynamic hot spots within lower alpine streams. Therefore a detailed monitoring campaign at the Gravel Bar hot spot site has been initiated during the summer of 2014.

The parameters that are monitored at this site are i) hydraulic heads and ii) water temperature patterns to estimate hyporheic exchange, as well as up and downwelling. This effort is compelemted by seasonal pore water samplings covering nutrient concentrations and optical properties of DOM, as well as CO2 evasion estimates using chamber measurements.

Left: the Gravel bar near OSB; right: same site at intermediate-to-high flow.


Relevant Publications:

Boodoo, K. S., N. Trauth, C. Schmidt, J. Schelker and T. J. Battin (2017): Gravel bars are sites of increased CO2 outgassing in stream corridors. Scientific Reports 7(1): 14401.