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    Jakob Schelker
Lab-Technician based at WCL Lunz
    Gertraud Steniczka
    Florian Caillon
    Kyle Boodoo
    Laura Coulson (Co-advised)
    Astrid Harjung
    Katharina Besemer
    Katrin Attermeyer (Co-advised)
Students and Former Lab Members
    Current MSc and BSc Students
    Elisabet Ejarque Gonzalez
    Former Battin-Lab

Florian Caillon

Research Interest

My research focuses on the diversity of microbial communities in freshwater streams, trying to understand how the diversity varies from catchment soils to streams and then along streams and to figure which factors are driving this distribution. The overall objective is to perceive the impact of such transfers on stream microbial biodiversity. Throughout my multidisciplinary education, I had the chance to work on microorganisms and realized their tremendous impact on ecosystems and the necessity to understand the structure of their communities and the roles they carry out in their environments.


PhD-Student within the HYDRO-DIVERSITY project

Published papers

  • Caillon, F., Bonhomme, V., Möllmann, C., & Frelat, R. (2018). A morphometric dive into fish diversity. Ecosphere9(5), e02220.

Contact Information

WasserCluster Lunz - Biologische Station
Dr. Carl Kupelwieser Promenade 5
A-3293 Lunz am See