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    Jakob Schelker
Lab-Technician based at WCL Lunz
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    Kyle Boodoo
    Laura Coulson (Co-advised)
    Astrid Harjung
    Katharina Besemer
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    Elisabet Ejarque Gonzalez
    Former Battin-Lab

Dr. Elisabet Ejarque Gonzalez

Research Interests:

I am a fluvial biogeochemist interested in understanding the role of hydrological extreme episodes, such as floods and droughts, in the carbon cycling in inland waters.  I am mainly specialised in the study of dissolved organic matter as a key component of the carbon cycle. I am especially interested in better understanding the controls that hydrology has on the quality and quantity of dissolved organic matter, which ultimately determines its interactivity with the environment and, hence, within the carbon cycle.

My research interests are also focused on statistical methods that can enhance the data mining from complex data sets on dissolved organic matter quality, such as exctitation-emission matrix data sets.


I am currently working as a post-doctoral scientist in Wasser Cluster Lunz.


Published articles:

  • Vázquez E, Ejarque E, Ylla I, Romaní AM, Butturini A. Impact of drying / rewetting cycles on the bioavailability of dissolved organic matter molecular-weight fractions in a Mediterranean stream (2015) Freshwater science, 34(1):263-275
  • Ejarque-Gonzalez E., Butturini A. Self-organising maps and correlation analysis as a tool to explore patterns in excitation-emission matrix data sets and to discriminate dissolved organic matter fluorescence components. (2014) PLoS ONE 9(6): e99618.
  • Butturini A, Ejarque E. Technical Note: Dissolved organic matter fluorescence – a finite mixture approach to deconvolve excitation-emission matrices. (2013) Biogeosciences. 10, 5875-5887.
  • Vazquez E, Acuña V, Artigas J, Bernal S, Ejarque E, Gaudes A, Ylla I, Martí E, Guarch A, Muñoz I, Romaní A, Sabater S, Sabater F, Von Schiller D, Butturini A. Fourteen years of hydro-biogeochemical monitoring in a Mediterranean catchment. (2013) Die Bodenkultur 64:3-4