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    Jakob Schelker
Lab-Technician based at WCL Lunz
    Gertraud Steniczka
    Florian Caillon
    Kyle Boodoo
    Laura Coulson (Co-advised)
    Astrid Harjung
    Katharina Besemer
    Katrin Attermeyer (Co-advised)
Students and Former Lab Members
    Current MSc and BSc Students
    Elisabet Ejarque Gonzalez
    Former Battin-Lab

MSc and BSc Students working at the Lab:

Current MSc Students:

Nikola Krlovic, BSc. Nikola started his MSc in June 2018, working on the TRAISEN-FREQUENCY project. He is advised by Prof. Michael Schagerl and Jakob Schelker.




Past Students:

  • Masumi Stadler, MSc finished 07-2017
  • Lukas Thuile Bistarelli, MSc,  finished 03-2016.
  • Masumi Stadler, BSc, finished 10-2014.

Student Research Assistents and Trainees:

  • Marta Sudo, 2016-08 and 2017-09
  • Stefan Schmid, 2016-08 to 2016-09
  • Magdalena Vanek, 2016-03
  • Stefan Kloimüller, 2015-08
  • Daniela Krebber, 2015-01 to 2015-12