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Lunzer See - Lake Lunz
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Lunzer See - Lake Lunz


The Lunzer See (LS) has been a hotspot of lake research for over more than a century. The Lake is located at the outlet of the Oberer Seebach stream which drains a 24.8 km2 catchment and acts as the major inflow to LS.

The LS has evoked to one of our core sites for the EXCARB project funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Within this work we are striving to quantify all C-fluxes into lake Lunz.

Data availiability for this long term lake monitoring site reaches back to 1890s years for temperature, ice cover and water levels, thus allowing to link recent observations to long term timeseries data. Besides hydro-meteorological recordings the current equipment at the site involves an Axys GHG Sentinel system and a eddy covariance system (operated in collaboration with Georg Wohlfart, Uni Innbruck) which are placed at a platform at the center of the lake.


More Information on the Lunzer See can be found here. A up-to-date depth profile of lake chemsitry and temperature can be found at the WCL website.