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Gravel Bar - Geomophologic Hot Spot
Indoor Experimental Facilities
Lunzer Rinnen - Experimental Flumes
Lunzer See - Lake Lunz
Oberer Seebach Site (OSB)
Ybbs River Stream Network (YRN)

Indoor Experimental Labs


The Lab has been operating a number of different small-scale biogeochemical experiments over the past years. Many of these experiments are performed in controlled indoor environments and include flumes, stirred tanks and various bioreactors. Many experiments control or modify common ecosystem drivers, such as ambient light, water temperature, nutrient status and flow regimes. Below you find a selection of experimental settings used in our experiments.

Bioreactors at the Vienna Lab used to investigate DOC leaching from leaf litter additions.


Indoor flume experiments at Wassercluster Lunz experimental facility.