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All courses are offered wihtin the in Biology program, Master in Ecology and Ecosystems, but some courses can also be attended from other programs.

Current courses - Spring 2017

Please visit the U:FIND website for all current courses and how to register.

Past courses

WS 2016/17

  • (300129) GIS applications for Biologists and Ecologists, 5-ECTS. This course will be offered during the Fall term 2017 again.
  • (300659) Limnology Seminar - Current research and ecological concepts


  • (300181) Biogeochemistry of streams and lakes - Introduction to the determination of ecosystems metabolism and nutrient dynamics in streams and lakes. 5 ECTS.
  • (300299) Specific Research project (MEC-8). 10 ECTS.

Abbreviations: SS denotes summer term, WS denotes winter term.

Theses Opportunities

We offer BSc and MSc theses opportunities to Students that are motivated and like to work independently. Most thesis projects are associated to one of our ongoing reseach projects. Please contact me for more information.

Please also take a look at our current MSc and BSc Students.