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Welcome to the Stream Biofilm and Biogeochemistry Lab!

We conduct basic research on the biogeochemistry of stream ecosystems and their microbial inhabitants, namely microbial biofilms. We combine experimental work and field surveys with ecological theory to gain mechanistic understanding of the coupled physical, chemical and biological processes that control the biogeochemistry of stream ecosystems.

Current and former projects address the following research:

  • Drivers of carbon dioxide evasion from Alpine stream networks
  • Microbial diversity and co-occurrence of biofilm communities in fluvial networks
  • Chemical source attribution and modification of terrestrial organic matter in streams
  • Architecture and morphogenesis of stream biofilms
  • Hyporheic exchange and biogeochemical hotspots in Alpine streams
  • Whole-ecosystem metabolism in fluvial networks

Our experimental facilities include various flumes and bioreactors, and field work comprises large-scale surveys and long-term monitoring of stream chemical and hydrological parameters. We are affiliated with the WasserCluster Lunz GmbH where we operate most of our experimental facilities. Learn more about our experimental facilities and field sites, as well as our team.